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The Lazy Pot Member Benefits

At The Lazy Pot we value our beloved members above all else! That is why joining The Lazy Pot VIP Club will completely change your gardening experience. We give our members the royal treatment all year round, pampering them with discount codes and offers so they can shop at The Lazy Pot and receive the cheapest prices available. They also get to pre-order and test any custom products we create before they are made available on the store. 

The VIP Club is not only a shopping experience though.. You also gain access to our exclusive Facebook community where we hold monthly plant competitions across a range of categories and winners receive prizes for showing off their plants. The community is also a great place for people to show off their garden designs and interact with other gardeners and plant lovers. If you need any advice about gardening or your plants you can post it in the group and someone who knows might see it and be able to help. If you are creating your first garden this is a great place to find inspiration and plant ideas as well. 

We aren't stopping there though because we want to make sure our members can produce the most beautiful gardens possible so we also ship our members the featured, "The Lazy Pot of the Month" straight to their address each month free of charge so they can enjoy a continually growing garden.


The Lazy Pot VIP Club:

✔️ Run on Facebook
✔️ Exclusive Discounts across the store
✔️ Pre-order custom products and new products to the store
✔️ Weekly competitions
✔️ Active social group for gardeners and plant lovers
✔️ Garden Feedback
✔️ Free Giveaways
✔️ Live charity plant and pot auctions
✔️ Planting advice and references
✔️ As an honourable VIP with The Lazy Pot you will have your own discount code and will receive rewards every time a certain amount is spent with it. 

Membership Includes:

As one of our VIP members you will gain access to the following:

✔️ Access to the exclusive The Lazy Pot VIP Club social community on Facebook
✔️ Exclusive VIP Discount codes, offers and specials emailed weekly
✔️ You will have the chance to test and pre-order custom products at a discounted price before their release date. 
✔️ You will receive "The Lazy Pot of the Month" Shipped to you each month