Intelligent Hydroponic aerogarden Planting Flower Pot Soilless Cultivation Growth Light LED Lamp Nursery

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✔️ Plant growth lamp: Specially designed full-spectrum LED growth lamp + table lamp combination promotes photosynthesis of plants, which grows better and faster.

✔️ Simple decoration style: The simple style design makes it more widely used, which can be the perfect decoration for kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, etc.

✔️ Grow anything you like: Indoor plantations are suitable for succulents, herbs, mint, tomatoes and more.

✔️ Push button switch: Rotary adjustment to ensure that the plant absorbs enough light for photosynthesis and has enough rest time.

✔️ Easy installation: easy and portable installation.


1 * smart flower pot
1 * adapter
1 * Hydroponic Planting Basket
1 * substrate culture basket
1 * Instructions