Drip Irrigation System

Intelligent Drip Irrigation System – a smart, efficient way to water your plants. Available in black or white, this compact system includes all necessary accessories for easy installation.

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Experience effortless and precise watering with the Intelligent Drip Irrigation System, designed to cater to your plants’ hydration needs while conserving water. This compact system, available in sleek black or white, measures 7.2cm in height and 9cm in diameter, making it a perfect fit for any garden space.

The Intelligent Watering System operates at a working voltage of 3.7V and delivers an impressive flow rate of 0.85L/min with a head of 3 meters. Its 2-meter suction range ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they require. The package includes essential accessories such as a host, drop arrow, tee, water pipe, filter head, and USB data cable for a smooth and hassle-free setup.

Each set contains the appropriate number of drop arrows and tees, as well as a comprehensive user manual to guide you through the installation and usage process.

The Intelligent Drip Irrigation System offers both battery and USB power supply options, prioritizing USB power when both are available. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily switch between automatic and manual modes, customize watering duration, and make quick adjustments as needed.

Upgrade your garden’s watering system with the Intelligent Drip Irrigation System, and witness the difference it makes in the health and vibrancy of your plants.

Package Details:

Single pump 20m set: 1 host, 20 drops of arrow, 20 tees, 20m water pipe, 1 filter, 1 USB data cable, 1 manual

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Height – 7.2cm / Diameter – 9cm

Flow Rate


Suction Range

2 Meters

Package Details

Single pump 10m set: 1 host, 10 drops of arrow, 10 tee, 10m water pipe, 1 filter, 1 USB data cable, 1 manual

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