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Baby Groot Flower Pot

Introducing the Baby Groot Planter, a charming and versatile addition to your home, office, or garden. Use it as a flowerpot, pencil holder, or decorative piece to brighten up your space. With its eco-friendly, child-friendly design, this planter is perfect for organizing small items or showcasing your favorite plants. Choose from three enchanting styles or collect them all. This highly-detailed, multifunctional Baby Groot Planter makes an excellent gift for Guardians of the Galaxy fans and plant enthusiasts alike. Experience the magic of Baby Groot in your space today!


Transform Your Space with the Adorable and Multifunctional Baby Groot Planter

Introducing the charming Baby Groot Planter, an irresistible addition to your home or office decor that is sure to brighten up any indoor or outdoor space. This delightful planter pot is perfect for showcasing your favorite houseplants, but its versatility doesn’t end there!

Place Baby Groot on your desk to keep you company while doubling as a water bottle or cup holder. He can securely hold your phone, or even organize your pens, pencils, and scissors, ensuring they’re always within reach. With his captivating appearance and practical uses, Baby Groot is the ultimate multifunctional companion.

Choose from three enchanting styles: Relaxed Groot Planter, Sweet Groot Planter, or Heart You Groot Flower Pot. Can’t decide which one to get? Why not collect all three? The Baby Groot Planter Pot also makes an exceptional gift for plant enthusiasts and Guardians of the Galaxy fans alike. Bring home this endearing planter today and experience the magic of Baby Groot in your space!


  1. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Versatile design allows for use as a flowerpot, pencil holder, or decorative piece. Perfect for organizing pens or small items on desks for both adults and children.
  2. CHILD-FRIENDLY: Each pot is meticulously inspected and designed with vibrant colors to meet visual expectations. Crafted from eco-friendly PVC material, prioritizing your child’s safety and the environment.
  3. BRING JOY TO YOUR SPACE: Add a touch of delight to your home, office, or garden. Ideal for the holidays, as well as for children or coworkers.
  4. UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Features a discreet drainage hole to prevent overwatering when used as a planter pot. When used as a pen holder, the hole remains hidden at the bottom, maintaining Baby Groot’s adorable appearance.
  5. PERFECT GIFT: This Baby Groot Flowerpot is a popular choice for special occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more, making it an excellent gift for children, friends, parents, or loved ones.
  6. AUTHENTIC DETAIL: The highly-detailed Baby Groot Planter is inspired by the character from Guardians of the Galaxy, capturing his ability to grow flowers on his body.
  7. IDEAL FOR HOUSEPLANTS: Showcase your favorite plants in this unique and charming planter pot.
  8. CUSTOMIZABLE APPEARANCE: Enhance Baby Groot’s look by adorning him with a blooming plant or grass hat, or by allowing him to hold pens and markers at your desk.



Relaxed Groot Planter, Sweet Groot Planter, Heart You Groot Flower Pot


About 14cm / 5.51in

Remote Control:


Version Type:

First Edition



Head Depth:

About 9cm/3.54"


About: 8cm / 3.15"


Manual Carving

Conditions of use:

Desktop, Garden, Indoors

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