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2 Layer Plastic Self Watering Flower Pot

Discover the ultimate convenience in plant care with our Plastic Self-Watering Pot. This eco-friendly and efficient pot caters to your plants’ needs, indoors or outdoors. With a modern design, built-in catchment system, and a variety of colors, it offers low-maintenance care and enhances any living space. Available in multiple sizes, it’s easy to clean, reusable, and allows for water recycling outdoors.


Introducing our versatile Plastic Self-Watering Pot, designed to revolutionize your plant care routine with its efficient and eco-friendly approach to watering. This innovative pot caters to your plants’ needs, whether indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for busy individuals and frequent travelers.

When placed outdoors or in an open area, this Plastic Self-Watering Pot takes advantage of natural rainfall to hydrate your plants. As the plant absorbs water, any excess is directed into the built-in catchment system beneath, providing a reliable reserve for when you’re away from home. In certain rainy environments, this pot may rarely require manual watering, saving you time and effort.

For indoor use, the flower pot’s intelligent catchment system eliminates the common issue of leakage after watering. Simply fill the pot through the convenient water input mouth located on the side, and let the pot manage your plant’s hydration. With its modern design and a wide range of colors, this Plastic Self-Watering Pot effortlessly complements any interior décor.

Invest in a Plastic Self-Watering Pot today and experience the ultimate convenience in plant care while reducing water waste and enhancing your living space.

  • Low-maintenance plant care with 2-3 days between top-ups
  •  Stylish modern design in a variety of colors
  •  High-quality frosted texture on the upper layer for an elegant appearance
  • Transparent lower layer for easy monitoring of water levels
  • Integrated cotton rope system for efficient self-watering
  • Breathable holes to prevent root rot and promote healthy growth
  • Convenient water-input mouth for hassle-free watering
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various spaces and plant types
  • Simple to clean and reusable for long-lasting value
  • Eco-friendly water recycling when used outdoors
  • Option to add additional cotton ropes for increased absorption
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Small (8.2cm x 11.3cm, Medium (10.5cm x 13.8cm), Large (15.3cm x 18.2cm)


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