Automatic Watering System For Garden Irrigation Battery Rechargeable

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Hot Intelligent Automatic Sprinkler System Drip Irrigation System Electronic Water Timer Controller Garden Pipe Watering Device Feature It is very easy to install and use; there is no leak in the exact connection between the pipes.
When you travel, it helps your plants. Widely used An automatic irrigation system is an artificial product that supplies water to potted plants and is designed for potted plants such as balconies, houses, offices, or small greenhouses.
Setup steps
1. Press the (Mode Selection) 2 key to enter the automatic mode (the digital screen lights up)
2. Press (Spray Duration) 1 key to set the spray time, press once to increase 5 seconds, from 5s, 10s, 15-60s, so cycle
3. Press the (stop time) 3 key to set the stop time, press once to increase 1 hour, from 1h, 2h, 3h-24h, so cycle
4. Wait 5 seconds after the setting is completed, the cycle mode is automatically turned on
Type: Touch screen automatic watering device
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1 set
Material: ABS, plastic shell
Power: 5W.
Working temperature: 0.c-50.c.
Product size: 100*80*35mm package: 1*main engine 1*self-suction head 1*tee 2*spray head 1*elbow 5m*PE water pipe 5*R clip 1*Instruction manual 2*plug 1*pipe cutter 5*cable ties