Automatic Watering Pump Device Solar Energy Drip Irrigation Timer System

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Intelligent Automatic Watering Pump and Timer                                                  Equipped with Solar Charging



✔️ Auto Watering: Setting the watering and interval time as the plants needed, then the system will automated watering the pots on time.

✔️ Water-Saving Design: Use less water than traditional spray & drip heads, by spot watering only exactly where needed.

✔️ Detect & Protect: When it is low power and lock water, the indicator light will be red or start a sound to remind you.


Product Name: Solar Watering Device
Pump type: miniature diaphragm pump
Timing features: three outlets are independently timed
Watering time: 0 to 99s each time
Watering range: (1 to 99) watering (1 to 99) times
Charging method: solar charging, USB interface charging
Battery type: 18650 lithium ion battery


Package Included:

Single pump + 10 three-way tap + 10 Insert Arrow + 10 meters water pipe

Double Pump+15 three-way tap +15 Insert Arrow +10 meters water pipe


Please make sure that the battery is normal or connected to the Micro-USB cable when working.
This product does not contain the plants in the picture.
Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.



Long press the left and right button to switch on and off
Long press the left button to enter the settings
Short press the left button to switch



Q: Can only use solar panels for charging?
A: The interface is MICRO-USB, which can be charged by a charger with a voltage of 4.2V-5V and a current of less than 2A. It has the function of overcharge protection, and can also use chargers for long-term power supply.
Q: Can the product be waterproof?
A: This product is rain-proof, but can not be immersed in water, can not be in a highly humid environment for a long time, can not be exposed to the sun for a long time. It is recommended that if used outdoors, do some protective treatment.
Q: Can connect the tap?
A: No, the product is pump pumping mode, you can choose the water container to use freely. Purchase does not contain containers.
Q: If the flowerpot is high, can the pump pump pump water?
A: Powerful pumps can easily deliver water to a height of about 5 meters.
Q: Does this product contain batteries?
A: Yes. Built-in 18650 large capacity battery, when fully charged, even if there is no solar panel for subsequent charging can be used for 1-3 months.
Q: What program can I set up?
A :
  1. Watering time: 1,2,3-24 o'clock (According to the system time you set)
  2. Watering duration: 0,1,2,3~96,97,98,99s    2,3,4~27,28, 29min
  3. Cycle days: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14~9999days
Q: Is the installation complex?

A: No. Installation and use of products are very simple, usually within a few minutes to complete the operation