Hollow Stripe Hydroponic Flower Pot Self-absorbent Water Storage Flower Pot Green Dill Flower Pot

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✔️ Add sufficient water once to store up to 10 days.

✔️ Just pour water into the flower pot, there is a cotton rope in the flower pot. Through the principle of penetration and water absorption, it can provide sufficient water, and can maintain the water required by the plant even when travelling or travelling, makes plants easier to feed.

✔️ The watering of the flower pot can not exceed the bottom of the planting basket, and the cotton rope can only touch the water, otherwise it will easily cause the plant to die.
Package: 1 Piece
Color: Blue, White
Material: Plastic
Size: 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5cm

Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PS
Type: Nursery Pots
Type 1: Pots Home Decoration
Type 2: Simple Succulent Plant
Type 3: Geometric Flowerpot
Type 4: Gardening Flower Pots
Type 5: Put In Floor Irrigation
Type 6: Watering Flower Plants Pot