Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters

Planters don't necessarily need to be located in a garden or comparable outdoor space. With indoor planters, you can enjoy growing your favourite plants, fruits, vegetables and more. Indoor planters also make a great accent piece to complement the rest of your home décor. Though they generally serve the same purpose and provide the same benefits as outdoor planters, there are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you shop for indoor planters.

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Size: The size of the indoor planter you select should be a top consideration for a few reasons. For one, there is typically less room to work with inside one's home than there is outside. As a result, you want to be sure that the indoor planter you purchase is appropriately size. Additionally, if the planter is too small, it will be hard to notice and create the visual effect you're attempting to achieve. If the planter is too big, it might get in the way of everyday life. To achieve a perfect fit, make sure to keep in mind the dimensions of the planter you have in mind as well as the area in which you plan to place it.

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Type: There are several different types of indoor planters to choose from to take your interior décor to the next level. Indoor plant stands are a popular choice as they tend to look great in a variety of different environments. Indoor plant stands can be placed alongside end and side tables, or as a standalone décor piece. If you're looking for a slightly different look, hanging planters are also a great option. One main benefit of hanging planters is you don't need to have a lot of room inside your home. Simply find an area that looks appealing and instantly spruce up the aesthetics of the space. Keep in mind that regular plant pots are available as well and can be placed on bookcases, coffee tables, and a variety of other areas of your home.

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Indoor planter sets: If you're seeking indoor planters to fill out larger or multiple rooms within your home, you'll be pleased to know that sets are available. These sets typically include two or more of the same type of indoor planters, but often will vary in size. Having planters in multiple sizes will help you shake up your interior décor. On the other hand, some indoor planter sets contain multiple planters in the same size if you're seeking consistency.

Whether you're looking for a single indoor planter or indoor planter sets, material is also worth some consideration. Indoor planters are available in ceramic, plastic, metal, wood and other materials. Think about the look you're going for and which material will hold up best in your indoor environment.

Purchase considerations for indoor planters

When exploring indoor planters, height (researched by 16% of shoppers) and colour (14% of visitors) would likely be most critical in your research. Furthermore, it is sometimes also important to consider material, type, and width. Finally, some shoppers narrow down their choices by shape, price, overall height, overall width, volume, special offers, and availability.

What's popular

  • For height, the most popular options are medium (41% of customers), tall (32%), short (15%), and extra tall (13%) indoor planters.

  • Customers usually search for white (29% of customers), grey (14%), black (11%), and blue (9%) colour for indoor planters.

  • Most popular material alternatives include ceramic (31% of customers), clay & terracotta (12%), metal (9%), and concrete (8%) .

  • In terms of type, the most popular alternatives are pot planters (65% of customers), planter boxes (7%), urns and statues (6%), and hanging planters (5%) indoor planters.

  • Most explored choices for width are medium (50% of customers), wide (28%), narrow (13%), and extra wide (8%) .

  • Most popular shape choices include round (57% of customers), oval (18%), rectangular (13%), and square (7%) .
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