Flower Pots & Planters

Flower Pots & Planters

The Lazy Pot Flower Pots & Planters Range

The Lazy Pot offers a wide array of different flower pots and planters. Our range includes pots across the following categories:

What are flower pots & planters made of?

Flower pots and planters are made from a range of different materials. Some of the most common materials used to manufacture flower pots include but are not limited to metal, brick, terracotta, ceramics, plastic marble, concrete and stoneware.  

Each material has a different use, suitable for a different environment as well as has its own unique characteristic so the method of manufacture behind creating each flower pot is different. For example, the way a clay pot is made is quite different to the way a rattan pot is created. A rattan basket will usually need a plastic insert to stop the water from spilling out. 


Should flower pots have drainage holes?

Flower Pots & planters don’t need to have drainage holes in the bottom. The drainage hole assists in the plants health and wellbeing by providing ventilation and protecting roots and soil from flooding.  

The drainage hole at the bottom provides ventilation to the plant. It lets air through the soil in the pot, which can be crucial to some plants, but less necessary for others.

With a drainage hole at the bottom of your planter, the risk of over watering is minimized. This is due to any excess water being allowed to seep through the hole in the bottom. Simply place a saucer underneath the pot to gather up the water and protect your floors from spillage.   

Another way to add drainage and ventilation to your plant is putting a pot within your pot. When you buy a plant, you will usually get it in a plastic inner pot. This can simply be put in the larger pot without replanting. Any excess water will then be drained from the inner pot to your plant pot and can easily be poured out. Additionally, some ventilation is provided by the air between the pots.

Can plastic flower pots & planters be recycled? 

There is nothing special about the plastic in plastic flower pots. They can be recycled the same as other plastics.  

Just make sure to clean the pot before recycling it. Soil is compostable, so try to throw away leftover soil in a compost or pour it out in an outdoor flower bed. Clean the inside of the plant pot with a paper cloth and rinse it out before recycling.  


Choosing outdoor plant pots

You can’t always plant directly into a garden, maybe you’re renting or your space doesn’t allow for it. In those situations, outdoor pots are the perfect solution. Whether you want small trees, flowering favourites, an extensive edible garden or climbing plants, the right outdoor plant pots highlight their appeal, add extra depth to your garden and make them portable for a change in season or location. Flower pots offer a range of stylish options in plastic, concrete, terracotta, glazed and even repurposed wine barrels – come in-store and find your favourite today.