Flower Pot Stand

Flower Pot Stand Buying Guide

The best patio flower pot stands will not buy themselves, you have to do this for your flowers and their pots. But there are certain things you should note before buying your patio flower pot stands. These things include:

1. Design and Height of the Leg of the Stand

As flower pot stands go, the design of the legs of the stand is quite essential. This feature determines the stability of the stand. The more legs the stand has, the more stable it is. The shorter the legs are, the more stable the stand is. Stands with flat bases are more stable than those that are not flat.

Of course, the purpose of getting a flower pot stand is so that your flower pot can stand. But if the pot is not stable, the flower pot will not stand, it will fall. So be sure you are getting a stable stand.

2. Weight Capacity

Patio flower pot stands do not have an infinite capacity, there is a limit to the weight of the item they can carry. The weight capacity is essential to maintain the shape of the stand and ensure it does not come crashing down. While some stands would carry a weight beyond their capacity at the start, they will become deformed with time, and eventually fall apart. So you must get a stand that has a weight capacity sufficient to carry your flower pot.

3. Number of Pots it can Carry at Once

Depending on the design, some patio flower pot stands can carry more than one flowerpot at once. This adds style to your patio but also means you do not need to have more than a few stands for many flower pots. So, if you intend to have more than one flowerpot in your patio, you should consider a stand that can carry multiple flower pots at once. 


Frequently Asked Question

Can my flower pot stand carry any flower pot?

No, it cannot. The flower pot stands are made in different sizes. They will only carry flower pots whose sizes fall within the range of the diameter of the flower pot stand. Also, you have to ensure that your flower pot’s weight is not more than the maximum recommended for the stand.

How do I measure the diameter of my flower pot?

Usually, your flower pot will not be the same size all over. You should measure the diameter of your flower pot at the bottom and the dimension should not exceed the diameter of the stand. Depending on the design of the flower pot stand, you may have to measure the diameter of the top of the pot sometimes.

Can my patio flower pot stand stay outdoors?

Definitely. Your patio flower pot stand is for outdoor use and its coating resists change due to the atmospheric factors.

Are flower pot stands made from wood good for patios?

This depends on the type of wood and the type of treatment on the wood. Polished wooden stands are more likely to resist the outdoor elements, unlike unpolished stands.

Can I repaint my flower pot stand myself?

Yes, you can. But we suggest you only do this when your preferred colour is not available as a preset option.

When the beauty of a carefully placed flower in your patio meets your eyes, you will understand why your flower pot needed a stand. One interesting thing is that flower pots stands are suitable for other purposes such as being a stand for a beverage dispenser.