Intelligent Garden Automatic Watering Device Solar Energy Charging Potted Plant Drip Irrigation Water Pump Timer System

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   Intelligent Automatic Watering Device with Solar                                                                  Charging



✔️ Adjustable water output.
✔️ Use a silent motor to work quieter.
✔️ Watering time 1-999 seconds circa time 1-239 hours.
✔️ Built-in 16850 lithium battery, sun protection charging.
✔️ Rainproof, low power consumption, more energy saving standby.
✔️ Food silicone irrigation water pipe, anti-aging, temperature resistant, tasteless, sunscreen, corrosion resistant.



Material: ABS
Color: as shown
Application scenarios: home gardening, agricultural production, gardening and horticultural production
Charging method: solar charging and USB charging
Specifications: host + solar battery set, 41pcs with solar panel set
Motor power: 3W
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
Input voltage: 4.2V-6V
Interface type: micro usb
Pump flow: 850ml / min
Waterproof level: PI67 rainproof
Battery: Built-in 16850 lithium battery Rechargeable battery
Size: host size: 10.1 * 7.7 * 4cm battery board size: 13 * 8.3 * 1.0cm usb line length: 1m
Light source: LED

Package Included:

Solar Watering Device * 1
Solar Panels * 1
USB Charging Cable * 1
Filter element * 1
5m Water Pipe * 1
Adjustable Dripper * 12
Three-way Interface * 13
Fixed Strip * 11
User Manual *1

> Rainproof, low power consumption, more energy saving standby
> Silent motor can work more quietly.
> Adjustable water output.
> Food silicone irrigation pipe, anti-aging, temperature resistance, tasteless, sun protection, corrosion resistance.