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Do you want to be apart of a community that loves plants and the outdoors as much as you? 

With The Lazy Pot VIP Members Community you can be apart of a community exactly like that plus earn some pretty sweet rewards in the process. 

As one of our VIP members you will gain access to the following:

✔️ Access to the exclusive The Lazy Pot VIP Club social community on Facebook
✔️ Exclusive VIP Discount codes, offers and specials emailed weekly
✔️ You will have the chance to test and pre-order custom products at a discounted price before their release date
✔️ You will receive "The Lazy Pot of the Month" Shipped to you each month


✔️ Manufacture a self watering flower out of a bio-degradable material.

✔️ Manufacture a fully automated smart hydroponic system.

✔️ Have 1 Million plants planted in our pots.

✔️ Provide the quickest shipping time possible worldwide.

✔️ To provide the highest quality range of flower pots and tools.

✔️ Grow our online community to 100,000 strong


Great range of flower pots and very fast shipping.


I get a pot from The Lazy Pot whenever I get a new plant at home.


I got the Rattan style pot and I love it, that pot has the best color range.


I was looking for a flower pot that I wanted so I emailed the customer service and they were able to source one for me.


Great customer service and order was fulfilled quickly.


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